Choose from our range of economy lecterns, designed for those on a budget, but who are still after the style and feel of a premium range lectern.
Our elegant and professional range of premium lecterns are ideal for the high end buyer. Equipped with anything from multimedia tablets, to illuminated logos.
Our range of podiums and table top lecterns are simple, light and easy to transport and are available in a range of colours with height adjustable features.
Single, double or triple bay multimedia lecterns, available with anything from embedded lcd touch screens, to lockable door cabinets, to custom rack mount fit outs.

Lectern Sales

Whether you’re looking for a lectern for school presentations or for a 5 star hotel, we offer a range of lecterns to suit a variety of different budgets and styles.

Select your colour of choice and any additional extras such as logos, microphones etc, from within the product pages.